With this release, we have introduced a new setting for Automation Rules to limit Action Frequency!

This is really helpful if you'd like the rules to check the keywords as frequently as possible (e.g. hourly), but don't want the bid adjustments to be applied to the same keywords too frequently.

Please note: Action Frequency is not the same as Run Frequency! It's an optional rule setting that allows you to set the minimum amount of time until the action can be applied again to the same keyword.

Here's an example:

You set a rule to increase CPT bids for well-performing keywords.

New conversions happen all the time, and you want the rule to stay up-to-date with the changes and constantly find new keywords that fall under the conditions. So you set the rule Run Frequency to Hourly - Every 3 hours.

However, you're worried that the same keywords, falling under the conditions every time the rule runs, might be changed too frequently. It may make it hard for you to trace the effect of those changes.

The new Limit Action Frequency setting solves that, acting as a so-called cool-down period for the keywords! You can set it to, for example, Every 3 days, and if a keyword has just triggered a bid adjustment, the rule won't check the same keyword again for 3 days.


Please note:

New functionality is only available for rules that Change keyword bid or Adjust keyword bid by target metric. You can set the Action Frequency while creating or editing the rule with one of these actions.

Available presets for the Action Frequency Limit:

  • Once hourly
  • Once 3 hours
  • Once 6 hours
  • Once 12 hours
  • Once a day
  • Once in 2 days
  • Once in 3 days
  • Once in 7 days

To review and edit Action Frequency you have set for your rules, see 'Action & Conditions' column on the Automation dashboard.

To check Run Frequency, see 'Run Frequency & Date Range' column.


Important notes:

  • If you edit the existing rule by changing its action from 'Change keyword bid' to 'Adjust keyword bid by target metric' and vice versa or by changing its frequency, the Action Frequency Limit counter will reset and start over after you save the rule changes.

  • There are cases when rules overlap. Please note, Action Frequency Limit cannot guarantee that the keywords will not be changed by another rule if they fall under that rule's conditions.
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