We are happy to introduce the revamped Automation dashboard and bulk actions for the rules! The updates make it easier to navigate and manage dozens (or even hundreds!) of automation rules.

New powerful actions to help you create and manage automation rules on the fly:

1. Search/filter by rule name

No matter how many rules you have, you can quickly navigate the list with the Search/Filter feature.


2. Copy rules

To help you create new rules in an instant, we've introduced Duplicate Rule feature.

Click Duplicate Rule icon to quickly create a rule copy. It will be created in the paused status. Click Edit Rule to finetune rule's parameters, if needed, and set it live.


Please note: You can only copy rules one by one. Bulk duplication is currently unavailable.

3. Pause, enable or delete rules in bulk

Now you can mass change rules status or delete rules in a few clicks. Just select the rules you wish to change, click Actions and select one of the options.


We have also revamped the Automation dashboard! What's new:

1. Sort rules by Status, Rule Name, Date Last Checked, Date Created, Email Notification on/off.


2. Quickly check the total number of rules you have.


3. Adjust column widths.


4. Quickly go from one page to another instead of scrolling. You can also select how many lines per page you'd like to display.


5. For more convenient scrolling, rule names and header with column names are fixed when you scroll down or to the right.


As you can see, now the rules dashboard is as easy-to-navigate as our main dashboard!

More automation updates are coming soon!

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