Now you can save your preferred column views as Custom Presets, customizing Ads Manager dashboard for your individual needs. You can set up as many of them as you wish!

You will need to configure your preferred views just once. After that, you will be able to switch between presets and pick the one you need depending on what metrics you would like to analyze at the moment.

Column Presets are available at all levels: Ad Accounts, Apps, Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ad Group Settings, Keywords, Search Terms, and Creative Sets.

Please note: custom presets for one level will not automatically apply to the other levels. You will need to create separate presets for different levels.

How to save a preset:

1. Go to the level you need a preset for, click Columns Settings icon and choose Edit Columns in the drop-down menu.


2. Think of what metrics you would like to focus the preset on. In this example, we will create a preset for evaluating upper-funnel ad performance metrics.

Switch the relevant columns on or off (you can also change their order by drag & drop).


3. Tick the box Save as preset, enter the name (e.g. Ad Performance) and click Apply.



Now, depending on what metrics you would like to analyze, you can switch between your custom presets or switch back to default. Just click Columns Settings icon and select a preset in the drop-down menu.


You can also delete presets you no longer need by clicking a cross icon next to its name.

Editing presets is not available currently, but you can save a new preset with the same name to replace the one you would like to change.

Important: the presets are saved in your browser! When you clear cookies or use another device, your custom presets will not be available.

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