Here is how to set up your account and FAQs during the set-up.

Setting up an account is quick and easy: you need to follow just two steps.

✓ Step 1.

In SearchAdsHQ account go to Integrations and set up an integration with your Mobile Measurement Partner. Check the respective guides in our Help Center.

✓ Step 2.

Think about in-app events you would like to track and optimize towards. Configure these events as Custom Conversions. 


When will I see data from my Mobile Measurement Partner?

We will start receiving your installs and in-app events as soon as they start hitting our servers. Make sure the integration is done correctly and that event names are spelled correctly. Make sure you have added your in-app events to Custom Conversions to see them on the dashboard.

Can I see historical data from the MMP?
If you would like to be able to see in-app events for a longer time period (before you came to us), we can upload this data to your account. To do that we will need you to get this data from your MMP. 

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