In order to link your Apple Search Ads account, you need to download the API certificate that gives access to your Campaign Group / Campaign Groups and send it to us.

Step 1

Log into your Apple Search Ads Account at

Step 2

Open the accounts selector menu at the top right and click Settings.

Step 3

At the account settings page go to the API tab. You can see all created certificates there. Click Create API Certificate button to start creating a new certificate.

Step 4

Set a name for the new certificate (e.g AccountName_SAHQ_cert, CampaignGroupName_SAHQ_cert) and select Limited Access.

You will see additional fields appear.

Select the respective Campaign Group and grant Group Manager role for the selected account / Campaign Group name.

You can add a few Campaign Groups into one API certificate. To do so, click the plus button next to the role and assign Group Manager role to each of the Campaign Groups you select.

Next click Create button.

Pro tip: For new accounts, it’s better to create a separate Campaign Group, move there all the campaigns that you’re willing to connect to SearchAdsHQ and grant access only to that Group.

New API certificates can take several seconds to appear in your account settings.

Step 5

To download a new certificate, select it from the list and click Download certificate in Actions.

Step 6

Find archive in your Downloads folder.

Don’t unpack the archive, rename it to know what Campaign Group it represents. Send it to us. We’ll set the integration with your ASA using this certificate and will create a SearchAdsHQ account for you.

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