There are two cases when you might need this:

1) You would like to upload historical data from your tracker into your SearchAdsHQ account.

2) You see a significant difference in the number of installs and events in your SearchAdsHQ account and the MMP.

For both cases, we need raw data reports from your MMP (2 CSV files - one for installs, the other one for events). The CSV reports must have a click/tap time column.

The workflow depends on the MMP you use.


Please follow the steps:

  1. Select the app, go to Reports -> Export Data.
  2. Select what data you'd like to export. We'll need the following reports:
    - User acquisition (non-organic): installs and in-app events
    - Retargeting: conversions (re-engagements & re-attributions) and in-app events
  3. For each report, select the date range.
  4. Apply a filter by Media Source (Apple Search Ads) and a filter by in-app event (select the events that you track in SearchAdsHQ, not to overload the report with unnecessary data).
  5. In the Report Fields tab, most parameters are selected by default. Just ATT, Keywords, Keyword ID, Keyword Match Type need to be added.
  6. Ready to download.

More details can be found in this article.

Please note that by default, raw data exports from AppsFlyer have a limitation of 200,000 rows. If there are over 200,000 events for the date range you are using, please select 500,000 rows or 1,000,000 rows options.

If you do not have access to AppsFlyer raw data reports, please contact AppsFlyer support at [email protected].


Please contact Adjust support to help you. They usually store only 1-2 weeks of information and provide help to get this data.

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