There are two ways to check what events we receive.

Option 1.

Navigate to Integrations and click on the integration name next to the app you'd like to check.


Option 2.

Navigate to the respective app in the Ads Manager. Here's an example with Snapchat App.


In the example we can see that we have received registration, new session, and in-app purchase events. To track and see them on the dashboard, you need to include these events into conversions. If this event is the main event in your case, include it in the Conversion.

Also, here we see a number of events with not received status. This means you have them configured in conversions in SearchAdsHQ, but the tracker is not sending them to us. Check your settings on the Mobile Attribution Partner side - most likely the event has a different name. If you need help, contact SearchAdsHQ support, we will help you.

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