Step 1

Log into your Adjust account  here

Step 2

Click Partner Setup, Click Add Partners

Step 3

Search for Splitmetrics and click + in the results next to SplitMetrics – Apple Search Ads Marketing Partner.

Step 4

Go to your SearchAdsHQ account. Select Integrations, hover to Adjust logo until you see View Settings. Click on View Settings button. You will see a pop up window open. Copy your Client ID from there.

Step 5

Now go back to your Adjust account and

  1. Insert your Client ID in the respective field
  2. Toggle Revenue Forwarding ON (if you would like to pass the revenue values with the events automatically)
  3. Click Save

Note: in case you have a multi platform app, the Client ID must be entered for all platforms clicking on the small tabs (with the store’s icon) below the name of the module.

Step 6

Click Event Linking and fill out the events that you would like to track on SearchAdsHQ.

And you are all set! 

You can find Adjust documents here.

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