In SearchAdsHQ we get the data from your Apple Search Ads account from impressions and to downloads (which are called Installs in Apple).

In order to get installs and the post-install events, you need to link your Mobile Attribution Partner with your SearchAdsHQ account.

It's easy - just follow the steps in the guides.

A few things to keep in mind concerning your MMP linking:

  1. Check configuration. Make sure that you have already configured the integration of your app with the respective MMP. Mind that in most of the cases integration should be enabled for every application.
  2. Attribution window. Make sure that the attribution window in your MMP is set to 30 days.
  3. Follow the correct guide. We have integrations with Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Singular, Tenjin, Branch. If you use a different MMP, please contact us as we can integrate with others as well.
  4. If you used any other partner like SearchAdsHQ before please make sure you have deactivated integration with them in your MMP. If you haven't done that, there may be problems with the new integration.
  5. When you configure integration please make sure you have selected SearchAdsHQ integration (there is always the name in the guide, it may include Splitmetrics);
  6. There is a difference in the way we and your MMP present the data on the UI. When you look at the dashboard in your MMP for a certain time period, you see statistics based on the installs that happened during this time frame or the time of the event depending on the MMP. In SearchAdsHQ you see statistics based on the time of the tap. That is why when you look at the same time frame in both systems, there will always be a visible difference on the dashboard. In reality, what happens is the MMP sends the event to us, we check the time of the tap and place this event according to the time of the tap. This can be easily checked in the raw data reports.
  7. We start receiving installs and events from the moment when you have configured the connection provided that configuration details are correct. We can backfill historical data for you if needed, provided that you can get raw data reports from your MMP in the correct format.
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