If you don't see button Create Campaign in your native Apple Search Ads account, it means that you haven't linked your App Store Connect with it.

Note, that App Store Connect was previously called iTunes Connect.

In order to see the "Create my campaign" button, connect your App Store Connect account to your Apple Search Ads account.

You can link when you first create an account, and when you create new campaign groups:

  • Sign in to your Search Ads Advanced account and go to your Campaigns dashboard.
  • Click on the blue down arrow at the top left of the screen above “Campaigns.”
  • Click on Settings.
  • Link your Search Ads Advanced account to your App Store Connect account.
  • After the two accounts are linked, clear your web browser’s cache and sign in.

Note that the App Store Connect Legal Account Holder, Admin, or Marketer must hold either the Search Ads Account Admin or Campaign Group Manager role to link the App Store Connect account to the campaign group.

Here's a link to App Store Connect.

Here's how your account should look like in Apple Search Ads.

Since SearchAdsHQ pulls information from Apple, first you need to fix this in your Apple Search Ads account, and it will be automatically fixed in your SearchAdsHQ account.

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