Important Note: 

  • If you have a few apps for which you need to receive installs and post-install events, these steps will need to be repeated for each of them.
  • We start receiving installs and events from the moment when you link SearchAdsHQ to AppsFlyer.

Step 1

Log into your AppsFlyer account here

Step 2

Once logged in, select the app for which you would like to get installs and post-install events in SearchAdsHQ.

On the Dashboard scroll down until you see Configuration section on the left bar. Under this section, click on Integrated Partners.

Step 3

Search for SearchAdsHQ as shown in the following screenshot. Click Edit button.

Step 4

You’ll get to SearchAdsHQ (by SplitMetrics) integration page. In order to set up the partner integration first activate the partner.

Then you can fill out General Settings using your:

1. Client ID,

2. Apple Search Ads Campaign Group name.

Read below where to get them.

1. Сlient ID.

To find your Client ID go to your SearchAdsHQ dashboard. Click Integrations. On the Integrations page point to AppsFlyer logo until you see View Settings button. Click on it. You’ll see AppsFlyer Integration pop-up.

On the AppsFlyer Partner Integration pop-up, copy the Client ID field and paste it to the Client ID field in AppsFlyer.

Note: You'll need to paste Client ID twice: to General settings and to In-app Events Settings.

2. Apple Search Ads Campaign Group name

To find out your Apple Search Ads Campaign Group name check SearchAdsHQ. In SearchAdsHQ your Campaign Group name = Your Ad account name. So check where is the app you are connecting.

For example, if I'd like to transfer installs and in-app events for Clash of Clans App, I will use Campaign Group Name Ad Account2 (because Account in SearchAdsHQ = Campaign Group in ASA).

Step 5

In AppsFlyer, after you've filled General Settings, scroll down to In-App Event Settings and paste your SearchAdsHQ client ID to the client_id field (just like you did in General Settings).

Toggle In-App Events Postback ON.

Here you can also select whether the revenue should be sent along with the event. Select the applicable, and click Save.


Note, that you need to repeat these steps for every app connected to SearchAdsHQ.

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