In Apple conversion = install (the moment when the user hits the "Get" button, so this is a download in our terms). But as we all know download is not the final goal. So in SearchAdsHQ, we use the term Custom Conversions.

In SearchAdsHQ, Custom Conversion is a configuration that helps you define what is conversion in your case, what events should be counted as conversions.

Conversion tracking helps you see how effectively your ad clicks lead to app installs and in-app activity (e.g in-app purchases, subscriptions, lead’s signups or any other in-app events).

You'll be able to:

  • See which keywords, ad groups, and campaigns are best at driving app installs and in-app activity as well as evaluate creative sets performance.
  • Understand your return on investment (ROI and ROAS) and make better-informed decisions about your ad spend.
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