There are two ways of setting up integration with AppsFlyer:

Integration through Push API method is available only for users with a Premium account.

If you are not a premium user please use the Integrated Partners method. Please note you cannot integrate more than one Campaign Group per application via Integrated Partners.

You can find a step-by-step guide on Integrated Partners here.

Setting up SearchAdsHQ integration with AppsFlyer Using Push API

Note: “Push API” feature available only for Premium accounts.


Log in to your AppsFlyer account here


To Enable Apple Search Ads Attribution, go to the Dashboard of an app you are willing to connect with SearchAdsHQ. Go to Integration > API access.

Click “API Access” on the bottom-left side of the window. Scroll down the page and under “Push API” section click “Add Postback” button as shown in the following screenshot.


You need to configure postback URL so SearchAdsHQ will be able to receive in-app events attributed to your Apple Search Ads campaigns. In the left menu, Click Integrations. On the Integrations page point to AppsFlyer logo until you see View Settings button. Click on it. You’ll see AppsFlyer Integration pop-up.


On the "AppsFlyer Integration” take the Client ID and insert it in the link{Client_ID}/appsflyer. Use this link to configure “Push API” at the AppsFlyer on the next step.


Back to AppsFlyer. Configure postback to send events to SearchAdsHQ using link (e.g

For the new postback enable checkboxes for Installs and In-App Events under the “Non-Organic” column. Put SearchAdsHQ postback URL to the “Postback URL” box, use POST as HTTP Method and click “Save”.

Pro Tip: Please be aware that enabling Apple Search Ads attribution may affect the behavior of “getConversionData”. If you are using “getConversionData”, before enabling Apple Search Ads and in order to understand its impact on “getConversionData” better, please contact the AppsFlyer support team.AppsFlyer SDK version 4.5.9 or higher is required.


As soon as incoming in-app events from AppsFlyer hit our servers you’ll be able to see them in SearchAdsHQ dashboard. Note that you need to repeat these steps for each app you are willing to optimize in SearchAdsHQ.

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