Kochava has two platforms - Kochava and Free App Analytics. Depending on the solution you use, please log in to the respective account. The Integration flow itself is the same no matter which platform you currently use.

Step 1

Log in to your Kochava at https://go.kochava.com or into Free App Analytics account at https://www.freeappanalytics.com/.

Step 2

Choose an app you are willing to optimize in SearchAdsHQ and then choose “Partner configuration” in the selector on the right.

Step 3

On the Partner Configuration page select “SearchAdsHQ Analytics – iOS”. If you don't see it use Add configuration and find "SearchAdsHQ Analytics - iOS" in Media Partner section.

Step 4

Then on the partner configuration click on three dots on the right and select “Postbacks” in the selector.

Step 5
Choose “Edit” for an Event (e.g Install)

Step 6

Log into your SearchAdsHQ account here https://app.searchadshq.com.

In the left menu of SearchAdsHQ Dashboard click Integrations. At the Integrations page click View Settings button under Kochava section. Continue to the next step.

Step 7

On the Kochava Partner Integration popup copy Client ID.

Step 8

Back to the Kochava App Dashboard, fill in the following fields:

  • CLIENT ID: Client ID copied from SearchAdsHQ dashboard
  • PACKAGE NAME: App Name
  • SEND REVENUE DATA: Will not be sent by default. Please select to send revenue data in the postback.
  • SEND DEVICE ID (IDFA): Will not be sent by default. Please select to send a device ID (IDFA) in the postback.
  • DELIVERY DELAY: Real-time Delivery
  • RETRY ATTEMPTS: 3 Attempts

And then click “Save”

Step 9

Repeat these steps for each event you want to forward to SearchAdsHQ (see Step 5).

Step 10


Note that you need to repeat these steps for each app you willing to optimize in SearchAdsHQ.

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