SearchAdsHQ has a pre-configured partner integration with Tenjin. In order to route your events to SearchAdsHQ, first make sure you:

  1. Added your app to Tenjin 
  2. Are sending events to Tenjin

After you completed the above, you can configure any real time callbacks on the Apps tab. To do that please follow the steps below for every app that you would like to link.

Step 1.

Go to the Apps tab and click on your app. Click on "New Callback".

Step 2.

Filter for "Partners" on the left hand side. A list of possible integrations for your app will appear.

Step 3.

Select SearchAdsHQ callback.

Step 4.

Follow the directions on the right hand side to configure the callback properly. You will require an ORGANIZATION_ID that you can get from the SearchAdsHQ dashboard. To get it, go to your SearchAdsHQ account, click on Integrations, click on AppsFlyer > View Settings and copy it from there:

Step 5.

Insert Client ID in place of Organization ID in Tenjin and click save.

Make sure to repeat the above steps for every app you would like to link.

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