SearchAdsHQ is organized in such a way that you can easily evaluate Ad performance at 9 levels:

  • Ad Accounts (Campaign Groups in ASA)
  • Apps (not available in ASA)
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
  • Ad Group Settings (not available in ASA)
  • Keywords
  • Search Terms
  • Negative Keywords
  • Creative Sets

Let’s take a close look at all levels.


All Ad Accounts

Ad Account is equal to Campaign Group in Apple Search Ads (ASA).

Pro Tip: you can link up several ASA accounts in SearchAdsHQ and display overall analytics for them in one place. This will help you if you would like to keep all your apps under one account even though you have separate Apple Search Ads accounts for them. This way you can monitor general statistics within all your campaign groups in one place.


You can display overall analytics as well as select one Ad Account from the drop-down menu under All Ads Accounts or click on the name of the account to see what’s in it.

This will open the Ad Account page with all the apps included into this Ad Account (Campaign Group).

From here you can check when was the last sync of the account with Apple and find out the ID of the account.


Your apps and their metrics are displayed here. We introduced this additional Apps level to give you an opportunity to monitor the performance of all campaigns by apps.

Also, this structure simplifies management if you have separate people in charge of campaigns for different apps.

Here you can see the totals for all of your campaigns within a certain campaign group divided by an app.

In order to see statistics for a certain app simply click on its name on the dashboard.

Here you can see all campaigns included into this ad account for the app you have selected.

You can navigate between other apps.

If you click on the Info button you will see App ID, attribution partner logo and the date and time when the last event was received.

Also, you can see the events that we have received for this app so far (from the moment of configuration and up until now).

In order to go to campaign level simply click on the name of the campaign.


In order to monitor all campaigns you can always go back up on the app level. That’s where all the general statistics is displayed.

If you work on every campaign individually - select the one you would like to check and click on the name as shown above. In our example we’ve selected Pr_Generic_US Campaign and clicked on it.

Here you can see all the Totals for the campaign and all the Ad Groups included in this campaign.

If you click on Info you will see Status (if it is on hold for any reason the respective reason will be specified here as well), Campaign ID, Storefront, Budget and Daily Cap. This helps you quickly monitor the status and the settings you have configured.

Right from here you can Edit Campaign by clicking on the button Edit Campaign.

This will open Campaign Settings page where you can change the app, storefront, name, budget, and the daily cap.

From here you can also change the status of your Ad Groups - put them on pause or enable.

Ad Groups

In order to monitor the overall statistics of all your Ad Groups divided by Ad Group stay at Campaign level or go to the Ad Group Settings if you would like to check the overall targeting you’ve set.

In order to check a certain Ad Group click on its name on the dashboard.

Here you will see all the keywords included into this ad group.

If you click on Info you will see the status and the targeting for this Ad Group.

From here you can also Edit the Ad Group by clicking on Edit Ad Group button.

Ad Group Settings

Now let’s go back one level up. To do this, simply click on the name of the Campaign.

This brings you back to the Campaign level with all you Ad Groups. Click on Ad group Settings.

Here we can see the status and the targeting information for all your Ad Groups.

For example, the overall number of keywords and negative keywords as in the example above or targeting specifics like device, age, gender, location, customer type, and day partying as in the example below.


Keyword level displays keywords with metrics for them.

You can see keywords included into all your Ad Accounts, all Campaigns, certain Campaigns, and Ad Groups. It is easy to check what level you are at by simply looking up.

For example, here we see the keywords for this Pr_Generic_US campaign (all ad groups).

In this example below we see all the keywords included into Ad Group Pr_Generic_US_Exact_iPad_F_18-34.

Search Terms

From here we can check the Search Terms for this Ad Group.

Negative Keywords

Here you can check the list of Negative Keywords.

Creative Sets

You can see the status with Creative Sets.

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