In SearchAdsHQ you will operate terms like events and custom conversions. Let's review what is the difference and how you will work with them.

1. Events

Events are messages about actions in your app. You use a certain attribution partner. In their dashboard you can see installs and post-install events. These events come to your tracker from your SDK. When the tracker receives a message about the event, they show them based on the time of the install. Why? Because your attribution partners are about what happens in your app after the install.

Does Apple show installs and events? - No, Apple calls downloads installs. In reality these are downloads, meaning these are the taps on GET button. Tracker shows installs as first app opens.

SearchAdsHQ starts receiving events from the moment you have configured integration between SearchAdsHQ and the tracker.

2. Custom Conversions

Custom conversions are actions or events that you count as conversions. For example, that could be a subscription, trial, registration, or in-app purchases.

3. Goals (will be deprecated soon; since we have multi-goal conversions, goals are not needed any more)

Goals are Custom Conversions that matter the most to you. This is either an event that happens most frequently or the event that has the most value. Depending on your optimization strategy it could be your subscription or some other event that lets you know that your ads have paid out.

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