There are multiple ways to navigate within your account and in most of the cases you will be able to intuitively know what to do.

Below are just a few notes to pay attention to:

Calendar and Dates

When you click on the calendar in the upper right corner, there is a selection of predefined timeframes. These are logical and allow you to quickly select the timeframe without the need to always set up a custom period of time. The information on the dashboard, including the total summary and the chart, will change respectively when you select a different date.

When you select Custom Range, you will see a Calendar where you can select specific time period or reset it.


In order to change the columns, simply click on the Columns Settings icon. From here you will be able to either edit the columns or reset their width.

A pop up will open. The metrics available in columns vary depending on the level you are at (here it says “Campaigns” so the changes will apply to the Campaigns level).

Here you can switch the columns on and off by ticking/unticking them and reorder them by drag & drop.

You can also save your preferred column view as a Custom Preset. You can set up as many of them as you wish! You will then be able to switch between your custom presets depending on what metrics you are analyzing.

Important: the presets are saved on the back end of the platform meaning that they are available across all your devices.


You can click on any column. It will be highlighted and the values will be sorted from the smallest to the biggest or vice versa. Sorting will remain unchanged even if you close and reopen the page.


In SearchAdsHQ you can filter by any column you see on the dashboard. This gives you multiple ways to segment and analyze data. Filters change depending on the level.

Number of lines

You can easily change the number of lines on the page. It can be 10, 25, 50, 100.

Notice that if you apply filters, they will be appleid to all lines even if you do not see them on the screen. If you use batch editing by ticking next to Status, editing will be applied only to the lines that are visible on the screen. If you need to apply changes to more lines, it is best to use reporting.

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