You can configure the look of the dashboard exactly the way you want to see it switching the columns on and off and putting them in your preferred order, grouping metrics in any way to analyze the data in your own convenient way at any level.

  • All Accounts
  • Apps
  • Campaigns
  • AdGroups
  • AdGroup Settings
  • Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • SearchTerms
  • Creative Sets

Depending on the level and the type of the data (what data we want to see for a discovery campaign, for search terms, for exact keywords in an optimization campaign, metrics for the app or all accounts), you may want to analyze different sets of metrics.

For example, sometimes you want to analyze the cost related metrics (CPT, Cost per Download/Conversion, CPA, CPI); sometimes you want to see the conversions funnel (Taps, Downloads, Install); and sometimes cohort metrics are what matters most (ROAS D3, ROAS D7, ROAS D14, etc.).

In SAHQ you can exclude the columns you don’t need and reorder the rest to see everything you need and save time on scrolling.

Moreover, you can save your preferred column views as Custom Presets. After that, you will be able to switch between presets and pick the one you need depending on what metrics you would like to analyze at the moment.

Here is how you can edit columns in SearchAdsHQ:

  1. Go to the respective level. Click on Columns Settings icon and choose Edit Columns in the drop-down menu.

You will see a popup window. Like this one:

2. Here you can switch the columns on and off by checking them on or off. You can also use Select All or Deselect All in every category.

All columns are divided by category, there is a menu to quickly switch between them. This helps to navigate around multiple columns. Here are the categories we have so far:

  • Ad Performance
  • In-App Conversions
  • Custom Conversions
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Settings
  • Custom Columns

3. You will see all selected columns on the right. From here you can exclude the columns you don’t need by clicking x and right from here you can also move the columns by drag and drop to reorder.

4. Click Apply

You can also save your preferred column view as a Custom Preset. You can set up as many of them as you wish! You will then be able to switch between your custom presets, depending on what metrics you are analyzing.

To do that, configure the columns, tick the box Save as preset, enter the name (e.g. Ad Performance) and click Apply.


To switch between your custom presets or switch back to default, simply click Columns Settings icon and select a preset in the drop-down menu.

You can also delete presets you no longer need by clicking a cross icon next to its name.
Editing presets is not available currently, but you can save a new preset with the same name to replace the one you would like to change.

The presets are saved on the back end of the platform. So, whenever you clear cookies or use another device, your custom presets will still be available. 

You can also change the width of the columns on the dashboard, so that you can see all metrics needed. Simply navigate to the vertical border between the columns till you see a left-right arrow (↔) as a cursor. Then change the width as needed.

There’s also an option to reset  the width of all the columns with one click. Click

Select Reset Column Widths.

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