In SearchAdsHQ you can download 2 types of reports:

  • Current Report
  • Report by day/week/month

The levels to download reports are as follows:

  • Campaigns
  • AdGroups
  • Keywords
  • Search Terms
  • Creative Sets

Notice that depending on the level you will download a respective report. This means that if you are at the Campaign level, you will download a Campaign(s) Report. If you are at the Ad Groups level, you will download an Ad Group(s) report.

If you need to narrow down Campaigns or Ad Groups - make sure to use filters.

How to download the report?

1. Select the time period in the calendar

2. Go to the respective level - campaign(s), ad group(c), keywords, search terms, or creative sets. If you need to download specific campaign or specific ad group, please use filters.

3. Click Actions > Export Current Report (or Export Report By Day/Week/Month)

4. Check pop-ups

The report will be downloaded directly through your browser unless you choose to send the report to the email address.

If you wish to send the report to the email, you will see a pop-up where you need to specify the recipient's email, segmentation by day/week/month/quarter if needed, and the preset of columns to be included in the report (default of any of your custom presets).

5. Check your inbox

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