In SearchAdsHQ charts are available at every level meaning at every dashboard, so you don’t have to switch between various tabs or open a million new ones in your browser to compare. You will see the table with the data and a chart right above it at the following levels:

  • Ad Accounts
  • Apps
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
  • Ad Groups Settings
  • Creative Sets
  • Keywords
  • Search terms

In order to change the time period use calendar in the upper right corner.

If you apply filters, in the table below it will be reflected in the chart.

What you can configure in the charts

Select 1 or 2 metrics. All metrics you see in SearchAdsHQ table columns are available. It means that charts can help you visualize metrics on all levels of your marketing funnel, including post-install events.

Moreover, you can see trends in Cohorts metrics (ROAS D1, ROAS D3, ROAS D7, ROAS D14, ROAS D30, Revenue D1, Revenue D3, Revenue D7, Revenue D14, Revenue D30) and actually understand what cohort performed better than others.

Select granularity:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

Please remember that granularity available depends on the time period you have set in the calendar, e.g. if you analyze the last 14 days monthly and quarterly granularity will not be available.

Select how you would like to visualize the data:

  • line chart - usually used to see the trends
  • bar chart - usually used to compare metrics.

You can also expand the chart.

Apply filters for a deeper view of your ads performance.

You can apply any filters we have in the dashboard, and it will be reflected in the chart. E.g. filter out low-performance keywords to see trends specifically for them:

When you hover over the graph you can see aggregated values for the metrics reflected on the chart.

How to see trends for a single keyword?

Simply apply filter by Keyword ID.

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