Shall I start with a $1 CPT and slowly adjust down or start from $0.10 and adjust upwards for the keywords that aren’t winning any auctions?

There are a few strategies you could try out depending on how much you are willing to spend to find that golden CPT bid that helps you get into the auction and win it.

Generally we recommend to start with higher bids. Here is why:

  1. This gives you more data quicker and you will be able to evaluate your conversion rates and costs quicker as well and adjust your bids accordingly. You can use budgets to control spending.
  2. With lower bids you’re losing the competition, this limits your impression volume and you may underestimate real keyword performance.
  3. It also becomes a little bit harder to analyze the reasons behind zero impressions for a keyword.
  4. On the other hand, the way with higher bids requires more investment in the beginning, but it pays off after.

However, there is also Impression booster technique when you start with lower bids. Here is why it would make sense to consider using it:

Apple doesn’t provide any insights into the lost impression share of a keyword, so it’s impossible to know why the keyword doesn’t generate impressions. It can be caused by either low technical relevance or a low CPT bid.

So in this case the only way to find out the reason is to gradually increase your CPT bid up to your upper limit until the keyword starts getting impressions.

Also, recently Apple has also released Bid Strength feature. This means that the keyword is relevant and the current bid is the minimum required to participate in an auction.

If you’ve reached your upper bid limit and the keyword has failed to get impressions, the keyword is irrelevant. The upper bid limit can exceed your target CPT, as at this stage your goal is to find out whether Apple considers the word relevant or not, rather than optimize the cost. Note, that when it comes to a large number of keywords, this technique can take too long. That’s why we recommend setting up an automated rule that can help you fully automate the process.

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