Keyword expansion is a technique used to add new keywords to your current Apple Search Ads list of keywords. If done right, it helps drive traffic and find new users. Read on to learn the ins and outs of keyword expansion and how to do it properly.

Look at the media buying funnel below. The top of it is fueled by ads impressions, while the revenue generated from those ads is at the bottom.

mobile marketing funnel

The goal of any business is to maximize its revenue. As far as the media buying funnel is concerned, marketers can influence 2 things:

1. Conversion rate (CRO). Here, optimization helps increase the number of users converted from impressions to taps and further down the funnel, so that they eventually bring you profit. The bigger the conversion rate is, the less Advertising cost of sales (ACoS) you incur.

A/B testing is one of the methods to boost conversion. Such experiments help improve the attractiveness of your product page elements and by this means make users convert. Here you can learn how to run valid A/B tests on the App Store. CRO is a topic which is yet to be covered in another article.

2. Impression volume. The bigger number of users view your ad, the more of them can potentially get to the bottom of the funnel (with a certain conversion rate and profitability maintained). This article is exactly about how to make your impression volume grow.

The trick is to figure out how to maintain a balance between impression volume, relevance, popularity, and competition in order to boost traffic but stay within your Target ROAS.

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