Apple Search Ads Filters: Spend Wasters

Now let’s explore some filters that help identify the keywords that drive your spend up.

1) Non-converting keywords (without conversions)

To find keywords that never convert, set the Spend filter above your threshold and your target metric at zero.

Suppose your Target Cost per Subscription (CPS) is $20, then your spend threshold will be 3 x Target CPS = $60. With such parameters, filter out the keywords with Spend > $60 and Subscriptions < 1:

What can be done? Pause such keywords and/or add them to Negative keywords because they waste your spend.

2) Keywords that have exceeded the cost of your target metric (bottom range converters)

Filter out the keywords with at least one Subscription and CPS > Target CPS. For example, if your Target CPS = $20, set CPS > $20.

What can be done? Decrease CPT Bid by 10-20%.

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