Apple Search Ads filters: management streamliners

1) Overlapping and competing keywords

Begin with finding all the keywords that match the search terms starting with ‘hidden object’:

Apple Search Ads competing keywords

Apple Search Ads offers two Match Types — Exact and Broad — which work differently in Search Ads and Google Ads. In addition, the Broad Match type is quite aggressive and matches not only the close variants of a keyword, but also irrelevant search queries which the system considers synonymous. As a result, several keywords may end up competing with one another for a search query.

As you can see in the screenshot above, 3 different keywords of two different Match Types have generated one search term ‘hidden objects game’.

Apple eliminates competition within one iTunes Connect account, in other words, the overlap doesn’t affect the cost. However, it dilutes statistics, which makes it difficult to assess the real performance of a keyword. All search terms are spread across different keywords, so the chances are you can either underestimate or overestimate the keyword performance.

To fix the situation and take control of your account:

  • Use Broad Match only to search for new keywords (Discovery campaigns are used to expand the list of keywords)
  • Use Negative keywords to eliminate competition between keywords in the Discovery and Exact Match groups

2) Combine filters to put your account management on autopilot

SerchAdsHQ filters can efficiently be used for bulk optimization or overall automation of account management.

Let’s say we want to reduce the loss from spend in Competitors campaigns, in other words, reduce bids for all the keywords outside your Target CPG. To do this:

  1. Filter out enabled Competitors campaigns (by name) in the US storefront
  2. Select all the filtered campaigns and go to the Keywords tab as shown in the screenshot
Filtering keywords in SearchAdsHQ

The system will automatically apply the filter and show all the keywords for the selected campaigns. It doesn’t matter which account or app these campaigns are associated with.

  1. Filter out enabled Exact Match keywords with trials and Cost per Trial above the specified threshold. In our case, it’s $20. Filter them by spend to see where you lose.

These keywords don’t fall under your KPI (Target Cost per Trial). One of the easiest methods to boost performance and reduce spend waste is to lower bids. Let’s reduce them by 20%.

  1. Select all the needed keywords. There are 5 in the screenshot below, but there can be more. To change bids in bulk, choose ‘Quick Edit’ and go to ‘Change CPT Bid’. Select the required options. If you don’t want the bid to be under or over a certain threshold, set a lower or an upper limit.
Changing ASA CPT bid SearchAdsHQ

5. Choose ‘Continue to preview’ to make sure that everything is correct and apply changes. They immediately synchronize with your Apple Search Ads account.

You can go even further and fully automate this flow by using SearchAdsHQ automatic rules.

With the help of some filters and bulk operations we’ve managed to optimize an account in a few clicks. By using our platform and simple techniques, you can analyze your Apple Search Ads performance twice faster and enhance your ad efficiency.

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