Using SearchAdsHQ you can automatically lower or increase CPT bids of your campaigns at a certain time or for a certain period of time.

The most frequent case for business apps, for example, is decreasing bids during the weekend and increasing them back up during the weekdays. For games, it can be vice versa.

Below you will find instructions on how to create these rules in SearchAdsHQ. If set right, they will save you a couple of hours a week for sure.

A few important notes before you go to steps:

  1. The rules are applied based on organization timezone, the timezone of your account. This means that if your account timezone is Vancouver for example the rules will apply based on this timezone and you need to take this into account when you create them for different storefronts. You will need to separate the campaigns correctly and convert the time of these campaigns when you set up the rules. A good tool for that will be
  2. Note that for some storefronts you will need to select a different day because of the time difference (you will see in an example below).
  3. Use duplication to save time.

We will take Vancouver time as an example and will show US and UK campaigns storefronts flow.

US example

1. Go to your Campaigns. Filter them out according to the storefront/storefronts (select filter "storefront contains any").

2. Select campaigns by ticking the box.

3. Click Rules > Create rules for keywords. You'll see a popup with the rule to be applied to all your US campaigns in this case.

4. Action: Change keywords bids - Select Decrease bids instead of Set to.

5. Specify value or percent. Untick "Limit action frequency". Tick lower bid limit (we recommend to specify the lower bid limit to make sure the bids don't get too low once the percent decrease is applied).

6. Leave the date range as it is.

7. Run frequency - select weekly, every week, day, time (In the example we use Sunday. If you want to do it for the whole weekend, select Friday or Saturday)

8. Click Create the rule.

9. Go to Automation. Select the rule, Click Duplicate the rule (duplicate icon)

10. You will see this same rule with the same name and a "copy" word.

11. Edit this rule and change the actions from Decrease the bids to Increase the bids. Change the Run frequency respectively. If you want to increase the bids back up by Monday select Monday 12 AM. Save the rule. Don't forget to specify the upper bid limit or untick the box.

12. Click on the name of the rule to quickly change it (inline edit) and unpause (enable) the rule.


You can also simply create all the rules and then bulk change their status. In order to do this, select the rules and click Action - Enable.

UK example

1. For the other storefronts just duplicate the rule again and click on Apply to the column. You will see a popup identifying the campaigns the rule is applied to.

2. Untick the US campaigns (Click Clear all on the right and double tick the left box next to the app for that). Write down UK in the search field.

3. Tick the campaigns to select them

4. Click Done

5. Now go back to edit and check the time of the rule application (run frequency). For the rule to lower the bids for UK campaigns on Sunday morning, you need to check the timezone of your organization and compare it with the UK. We use for that.

So for the rule to run on Sunday 12 AM UK time we will need to configure it as Saturday at 4 pm. Click on edit and change the frequency. Save the rule.

6. Unpause and change the name of the rule on the dashboard.

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