Automation rules can help you adjust keyword CPT bids based on your target metric (CPI, CPA, ROAS, etc.). Select Adjust Bid by Target Metric action, and the automation rule will do keyword bid adjustments for you, based on the metric you identify as your target.

For example, you can set a rule to scale keyword bids by Target Cost per Subscription, which means that keyword bids will be automatically adjusted helping you achieve your desired Cost per Subscription.

What metrics can I choose to automatically adjust bids by?

You can choose one of the following metrics:

  • CPI
  • CPA
  • Cost per Goal (will be deprecated soon)
  • Cost per All Conversions
  • Cost per Trial
  • Cost per Subscription
  • Cost per Purchase
  • Cost per Engagement
  • Cost per Game Event
  • Cost per Other Conversion
  • ROAS
  • ROAS D1
  • ROAS D3
  • ROAS D7
  • ROAS D14
  • ROAS D30

CPA here is Cost per Acquisition (i.e. Cost per Download) which is different from the CPA Goal in Apple Search Ads. In ASA, CPA is set on the ad group level, while here we are considering CPA of the keyword.

What is Target Value?
This is the value you would like to achieve for the target metric you selected in the first step. Keyword CPT bids will be adjusted based on the target value you specified.

How will the adjustment work?
The CPT bid will be calculated by the formula following the metric you specify as your target:

Why are Lower bid limit and Upper bid limit required fields?
Specifying Lower bid limit ensures that the keyword continues to get into the auction. Upper bid limit helps you make sure you will not overspend.

How frequently the rule will run?
Just like with regular rules, you can apply Adjust Bid by Target Metric action just once or set hourly, daily, weekly or monthly frequency.

What date range will it analyze before adjusting bids?
It depends on the lookback period for the rule you specify.

Can I perform this action for all the keywords?
Yes. However, we recommend you avoid applying this action to keywords that:

  • Don’t have enough historical data
  • Don’t perform well — especially when they are irrelevant or spend wasters.

In the latter case, we suggest you run rules with “Pause keyword” or “Pause keyword and add as negative” actions.

There are more points to keep in mind to get the best results from Adjust keyword bid action. You can find our recommendations and best practices in this article.

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