What are these rules for?

Now you can track your search terms, get timely notifications, add them as keywords when they work well or add them as negative keywords if they just waste your money. 

These rules work with search terms only. You can select the following actions:

  • send email notification only
  • add as keyword to 
  • add as negative keyword to

Why use these rules?

  • Be in the know of what's going on in your Discovery campaigns. Get alerts on search terms with good impressions, TTR, CPT and CPA.
  • Save time on search term analysis and transfer.
  • Probing campaigns. Use the rule to move search terms as exact match keywords from discovery to probing campaigns. Select “Negate in the original campaign”, to automatically add this search term as negative keyword to the discovery campaign. 
  • Discovery campaigns. Use the rule to move good search terms generated in a discovery campaign to exact match Ad Groups. To avoid competition for impressions, automatically negate them in the discovery campaign.

How to configure these rules?

Go to Automation tab on the left hand menu. Click Create Rule and select For Search Terms.

  • Specify what search terms you would like to apply this rule to, where these Search Terms are located. 

*Tip: You can use the same rule for all search terms. In general, when it comes to Search Terms, it doesn't make much sense to go into very granular analysis. You can define a good Search Term as the term that has a good TTR, CR and CPA and in most cases these numbers will be more or less the same for any storefront.

  • Select Action. Depending on the action you select, the popup will change.
  1. Send email notification only

You specify the email address to send notifications to. If you'd like to send them to a few people, enter a few email addresses separated by comma.

Specify conditions. For example, I want to get alerts for the search terms that have enough volume on them, they have over 3% TTR and the download costs me less than 10 dollars. I want to analyze each search term using these conditions and the last 7 days and I want to get a notification about this every day. 

2. Add as keyword to

This rule will transfer your good search terms as keywords to the Ad Groups and Campaigns you select.

So, in this case, select where you'd like to add them, select either to keep the same bid as the bid you had as default for your discovery campaign, or to set a certain bid (we recommend to increase it compared to the default one), select the match type and if you'd like to automatically negate these search terms as exact match keywords in the initial campaign - keep the box ticked.

To get notifications tick "Notify me via email when conditions of this rule are met" and insert the email addresses.

3. Add as negative to

The same logic applies when you select to add as negative, except for here you select the conditions indicating that this search term is a high spender that is too expensive and should be negated.

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