Now you can create your own views at every level and save them as dashboard presets. Get rid of the information you don't need and get a full overview of what matters to you.

In order to create a new view, go to the respective level, for example, to keywords level.

In my case, when I evaluate the keywords I don't really care what app and campaigns they are in as I usually filter all keywords by app and campaign. Also, when I analyze the performance, i'm more focused on ratios, and not on just values (for example, i care about download rate and not about number of downloads).

I see Edit Columns for keywords popup 

Here I can select the metrics I want to see and exclude the ones that don't matter at this level. I can also change their order by dragging them on the right column.

Essentially there are 4 types of columns I can use:

  1. Ad Performance - that's impressions, spend, taps, downloads, ratios and costs from Apple Search Ads
  2. In-App Conversions - that's installs and post install events from your MMP
  3. Cohort Analysis - that's all cohorted metrics, such as revenue and ROAS (D1, D3, D7, etc.)
  4. Settings - that's the names and settings, including storefronts, targeting, etc.
  5. Custom Columns - that's the columns you've created yourself.

So in my case, first i'll go through Ad Performance and will untick Taps, Downloads, LAT ON downloads, LAT Off downloads and LAT off download share. Also, I'll turn off Redownloads, New Downloads and New Downloads Share.  

Then since my goal is Cost per Goal, I'll go to In-App Conversions and will untick everything connected with revenue and ROAS. 

I will leave all metrics connected with Conversions and Goals. Also, I don't do Cohort Analysis, so I will click on the Cohort Analysis on the left and will click Deselect all

Also, I have a custom column called Custom CPG and I want to see it on the keyword level. So I will click on Custom Columns and Custom CPG. 

Now all that's left is Settings and drag and drop to reorder.

Here I can deselect Cost per Goal as I am using my own metrics and can drag Conversions higher as they are higher in my funnel. 

Click Save as a preset. Enter a name for it. Click apply.

Now you can always pull this pre set, even if you access the dashboard from another computer.

You can create dashboards like this for every level and just click between them to quickly analyze what you need to analyze. 

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