Keyword expansion is a technique used to add new keywords to your current Apple Search Ads list of keywords. If done right, it helps drive traffic and find new users. 

To let you start spending less and find keywords faster, SearchAdsHQ goes with a built-in keyword research and optimization tool supported by ASOdesk – Apple Search Ads Keyword Planner.

The Keyword Planner can provide relevant statistics for 500 keywords, which can be downloaded as a CSV report. You can also make a separate keywords list using the right panel and then add the keywords directly to your account or download them for further analysis.

Here’s how it works.

The Keyword Planner automatically suggests all keywords for which your app is ranking at the moment. Once you enter your app, choose a storefront, and click “Get keywords”, you see the following picture:

The Keyword Planner shows you:

  1. how popular your keyword is based on the number of daily users who see your ads. This indicator can help estimate the keyword traffic. The bigger popularity, the better
  2. how high your app ranks for these keywords. This is an organic search position of your app for a keyword. The higher the position, the more relevant the keyword and the more efficient it is. Also, the higher the position, the bigger the outflow of organic traffic due to so-called “keyword cannibalism”
  3. App Store’s relevance index
  4. top 5 search results in the given storefront

Basing on these statistics, you can pick keywords and add them to the relevant Ad Group with Exact or Broad Match settings.

So, what does the Keyword Planner give you?

  • You save time (manual picking) and money (Search Match) on search terms fishing.
  • You do not fly blind. Since you choose keywords based on their stats, you get a better performance, impressions volume, and audience reach from the start.
  • You get rid of the ad spend waste. You find keywords you don’t want your app to be associated with and put them in Negatives.
  • You peep at competitors.

The Keyword Planner shows top 5 apps in search results for each keyword. As shown in the screenshot above, you can get insights by navigating through the apps right in the Keyword Planner. As a rule, we recommend to research up to 10 main competitors. This is enough to get hundreds of keyword ideas.

Adding to this, since Apple Search Ads influence your organic app rankings, you can identify room for growth and run a series of campaigns aiming at improving rankings – grab from 15th positions to Top-10.

The Apple Search Ads creators have powered the platform with a Search Popularity indicator. Ranged from 5 to 100, it shows a share of users who have entered a search query in a particular storefront. The value isn’t absolute and depends on the population of a particular storefront: 50% in the US and the UK storefronts will differ in absolute terms.

We’ve teamed up with Merlin Penny, Data Science and Engineering Lead at Phiture to estimate visibility for keywords. Based on SearchAdsHQ data, we’ve conducted research to answer the question: what is the relationship between Apple Search Ads Search Popularity and maximum impressions for the maximized Share of Voice (SOV) on the US App Store.

Find the answer in the article below.

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