While WFH we've worked on many great things to enhance your ASA experience and help you be more productive. 

This time we've worked on charts!

Now you can:

1. Compare up to 8 different metrics on the same graph. You can see the trends across the whole funnel.

2. Use an absolute scale.

3. Add labels to see not only the trend, but also the exact values (no need to hover over anymore).

4. Compare different metrics (value, percents, number) the right way. Now you see a more accurate picture. It will be easy for you to compare value metrics (like spend, costs, revenue), percent/ratio (like TTR, CVR) and numbers (like impressions, taps, conversions).

5. And don't forget you can always add your own metrics to compare on the graph!
Read how to create them in the article Create your own metrics and see them on the dashboard.

More about charts:
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