Now you can track each in-app conversion (up to 6 conversions per app) separately on the dashboard! We also show Cost per Conversion and Revenue for each event.

This gives you an in-depth view of your funnel, enabling you to:

  • Identify keywords that successfully move your users through all the steps,
  • Find those that rarely or never reach the bottom of the funnel,
  • Track ‘early indicator’ events to make optimizations easier if your target events happen too rarely.

This release is our first big step in a series of updates. It enables you to track Multiple Conversions on the dashboard and use them in Column Presets.

Further releases will allow using Multiple Conversions in Filters, Automation Rules, Custom Columns (e.g. calculate ROAS or Conversion Rate for each conversion), Sorting, Charts, CSV reports and in 'Adjust bid by target KPI' rules

We expect to roll out the full functionality by the beginning of May.

Do I need to edit my existing Conversions to “separate” them?

Yes, you’ll need to edit the existing Conversions and add each Conversion to one of the 6 available Categories

There are 6 Categories to choose from (they can be renamed by the Support Team upon your request): 

  • Trial,
  • Subscription,
  • Purchase,
  • Engagement,
  • Game Event,
  • Other Conversion.

To read more about Categories please read this article: Conversion Categories.

Then, to display the updated Conversions on the dashboard, please click Edit Columns, select the Conversions and save the view as a Preset.

You'll need to create Column Presets on every level (Apps, Camapaigns, etc.) to display the Conversions on the dashboards. We do not show them in the Default view.

Will past data be saved?

Past data can be saved, just follow the steps:

  1. Edit the existing Conversions (please make sure to edit them, rather than delete and create again from scratch!),
  2. Assign each of them to a relevant Category,
  3. Reach out to us through 'Contact Us' in-app or at [email protected].

The Support Team will help you migrate all the historical events data correctly.

What will happen to All Conversions?

All Conversions column will remain so you’ll always be able to check the aggregated number of in-app events.

And what about Goals?

As soon as all updates for Multiple Conversions are released (including filters and automation rules), we will start working to discard Goals.

Until then, Goals will remain on the dashboard and in filters. You’ll also be able to continue using Goals-based automation rules.

However, after we release the full functionality, your rules will need to be adjusted towards new Conversions. We’ll reach out to you with instructions and will help you if needed.

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