CPT bid history on Charts is now live! Below are some great advantages this feature brings you.

  • Save time: there's no need anymore to note down bid changes elsewhere!
  • Make data-driven decisions: choose a bid strategy based on the performance of keywords after previous bid changes.

Just hover over a keyword you'd like to analyze and click on the chart icon. A pop-up will appear that will give you the view of the CPT bid history for the selected time range.

You can also add other metrics to the chart by clicking on the plus icon, e.g. Impressions, CPA, ROAS, and more. This enables you to track what impact bid changes had on volume and performance!

This update is a part of our efforts aimed to enhance our Charts for you. We have recently introduced a number of great improvements, so now you can:

  • Compare up to 8 various metrics,
  • Easily compare various metrics in absolute or relative terms: CR, TTR (%) with revenue, spend (value) and impressions, taps (number),
  • Add labels to the graphs.

More updates are coming soon!

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