Your users are more active on specific days and you want your Daily Cap automatically be increased on those days?

Want to increase Campaign Budget / Daily Cap once a campaign shows certain performance?

Want to receive timely notifications once some metrics in a specific campaign meet your requirements?

Does it sound familiar to you?

Automation rules on a Campaign level can help you with that!

Now you can select the following actions :

  • Change Campaign Budget
  • Change Campaign Daily Cap
  • Send email notification only

Here is one of the use cases:

I have a gaming application and see that there is more traffic on weekends.
I want to make sure I will not be restricted with my usual Daily Cap, so I increase it by $1000 starting from Friday.
Please mind, I will need to create another rule for 'Mondays' to decrease the Daily Cap to a usual one.

How to configure such a rule?

Go to Automation tab -> Create rules -> For Campaigns.

  1. Select campaigns that should be affected by the rule.
  2. Specify the action Change Daily Cap.
  3. Specify “Increase by” or “Decrease by” depending on your needs. You can set either flat or per cent bid change.
    Please note that this action won’t affect campaigns if Daily Cap is not set for a campaign.
  4. In 'Run frequency' part choose when and how often the rule should run.
  5. Specify the “Rule name” and click 'Create rule'.

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