We've made our Charts even more powerful! Now you can compare trends for multiple Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Keywords.

This enables you to:

  • Save time on monitoring fluctuations for your top items. No need to click into each Campaign or check each Keyword individually.
  • In case of an overall performance spike/drop, quickly identify the ‘culprit’ and take action.

Some more things you can do:

  • Check the same Keyword across different storefronts or targeting segments.
  • Compare Ad Groups/Campaigns for different audiences (New/Returning Users, Male/Female, etc.) over time.

How to compare items?

  1. Select the items for comparison (up to 25 at a time),
  2. Click the little chart icon or click Actions -> Compare.
Option 1.
Option 2.

On the comparison pop-up, you can select the metric by which you’d like to analyze the performance, date range, and granularity.

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