There are some huge improvements to our dashboard reports:

  • New reporting options allow you to customize the reports with ease.
  • They have a dedicated place next to columns settings to easily find them on the dashboard.

'More export options' lets you download the report within your browser.

'Send report to email' lets you send the report to your colleagues, manager, etc.

Usually, it takes a while to prepare a custom report, as you may need:

  • A more advanced report than regularly;
  • Exclude the columns that are not required for this particular report;
  • Delete the summary data.

This is all solved with the new exporting options, which allow you to:

  • Select the segmentation of the report by Day/ Week/ Month/ Quarter;
  • Select a certain preset so the report will only include the columns you need;
  • Select/ Deselect whether you need to include title, start date, end date, time zone, currency, date in the report.

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