In addition to keywords and search terms, now SearchAdsHQ offers automation at the Campaign level.

Think about Apple Search Ads management you have to routinely perform at the Campaign level:

  • You have to manually raise your Daily Cap on the days when users are more active.
  • You have to raise your Campaign Budget or Daily Cap once your campaign shows particular performance.
  • You have to enable or disable campaigns on weekends, etc.

If it does seem familiar, then save a good deal of time by automating all these processes. Below are the available actions:

Let's explore a particular use case.

Imagine your campaign is performing well, and you want to automatically adjust its Daily Cap to avoid losing impressions.

1. Create a new automated rule for Campaign either from the selected campaign dashboard or Automations settings.

2. Select campaigns the rule will be applied to:

  • All campaigns
  • All campaigns in the selected apps
  • Selected campaigns

Note that if you create a rule from the campaign dashboard, this campaign will be automatically selected as “Selected Campaign”.

3. Specify the Action: Change campaign Daily Cap - Increase by. You can set either exact value or a percentage.

Note that this action won’t affect campaigns if a Daily Cap is not set for a campaign.

4. Set the Upper Daily Cap limit to make sure you won't overspend when automatically raising the cap.

5. Specify the Conditions. This rule will run once the specified conditions are met.

6. Leave the Date Range as it is.

7. Run Frequency - select weekly, every week, day, time (in the example we use Monday 12 AM).

8. Specify the Rule Name and tick if you want to be notified via email when the conditions are met. Click Create rule.

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