Going beyond automated rules for Keywords and Search Terms, SearchAdsHQ team made it possible to create automated rules at an Ad Group level.

  • Think about a situation when want to set a CPA goal for an Ad Group and adjust it automatically to rein in your CPA in Apple Search Ads.
  • Or when you would like to pause underperforming Ad Groups to reduce the overall Campaigns cost.
  • Or when you want to be notified about Ad Groups which do not bring any conversions to explore the reasons behind that.

All these and more are the cases when you can rely on the automated rules to help manage your operations.

Now you can select the following actions :

  • Change CPA Goal
  • Enable/Pause Ad Group
  • Send email notification only

Here is one of the use cases:

I have an ad group that brings me zero purchases for quite a while, so having analyzed the metrics I came to a decision to pause this Ad Group.

Here is what should be done.

Go to Automation tab -> Create rules -> For Ad Groups.

1. Select Ad Groups the rule will be applied to.

2. Select the action Pause Ad Group.

3. Specify the Conditions. This rule will run once the specified conditions are met.

4. In Date range select the period of time which you'd like to be analysed. It's advisable to extend the date range to make sure there are no required in-app events.

5. In Run frequency we choose when and how often the rule should run. In our case, the rule is run once.

6. Specify the Rule name and click Create rule.

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