Until now clients with the Line of Credit invoicing willing to create a new campaign in SearchAdsHQ could specify payment details only in Apple Search Ads account settings. This caused inefficiency as you had to get back to the native dashboard to add invoicing information and finally launch a new campaign.

But from now on, you can specify your invoicing details directly in SearchAdsHQ!

This feature will allow to choose Budget Orders from the list of active ones directly in SearchAdsHQ interface. Information on standard invoicing can now be filled out in SearchAdsHQ as well.

When creating a new campaign or editing the existing one, go down to Invoicing option and select Budget Order or Standard Invoice as your main invoicing method.

If you choose Budget order, you will see the drop-down menu with list of active budget orders belonging to your campaign. Budget orders that expired in the past will not appear. You can choose several budget orders if needed.

Please note that creating and editing Budget orders is still maintained on the Apple's side because of Apple's API technical limitations.

If you choose Standard invoice, you will see a number of fields to be filled out with your payments details. Once done, the campaign can be created.

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