Filters are an effective method of Apple Search Ads optimization as they provide revealing insights and help identify areas for improvement. Yet, manual selecting the right set of filters every time can be monotonous and time-consuming.

For this reason and more, we've introduced Filter Presets designed to make the process of performance check more streamlined and less time-consuming.

Filter Presets can be created at all account levels:

  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups & Ad Group Settings
  • Keywords & Negative Keywords
  • Search Terms
  • Creative Sets

How to create a preset?

Let's imagine you'd like to monitor top-performers that make you a constant profit. Here are a few steps to take:

  1. Pick up the necessary filters from the list
  2. Give a preset its name and Save it
  3. Check out the preset in the drop-down filters list

You can also delete a preset you no longer need it by clicking a 'trash bin' icon next to its name.

Editing filter presets can be done by saving a new preset with the same name to replace the one you would like to change.

NB! You can save as many filter presets as you want. The presets can be seen by all the users in your organization.

P.S. If you need to recollect ideas on how to use filters, please visit this section.

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