You can add keywords from one AdGroup to another automatically using a special automation rule. Here are at least three cases for that:

  1. For your discovery campaigns with broad match keywords - automatically add well performing broad keywords as exact match to specific AdGroups
  2. For your testing and proxy campaigns - automatically add keywords from these campaigns to other campaigns and AdGroups
  3. If you need to move over 100 keywords at once

Remember that you can't delete keywords in Apple Search Ads, but you can always add them to another group and pause in the original.

"Add as keyword to" action.

How you can do it and use:

  • Bulk transfer

For example, you may add keywords from exact groups to Discovery Broad campaign to help finding long-tail keywords. Mind that these exact keywords should be added as Exact Negatives in Discovery campaigns so not to overspend on them.

  •  Value based account. 

For example you have Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, where Tier 1 has the biggest budget with top performing keywords. If some keywords in Tier 2 start perfoming better for a certain time, you may transfer them automatically to Tier 1 with bigger budget and CPT bid.

If there are some words that are performing worse, they can be automatically transffered to the lower Tier campaign.

Along with that Match Type и CPT bid can be changed automatically.

"Add as negative keyword to" action.

How you can use it.
You may negate bad performing words at campaign level.

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