Now it is possible to send the automation rules notifications with the reports to as many people as needed. This is quite helpful when there are several people in your team who should be aware of the changes made by automation rules.

There are two types of notifications in the Automation Rules and they depend on the Action you select when you create a rule:

  1. Action: Send email notification only
  2. Any other action

How to configure this:

Go to automation tab, click create rule:

In the popup select the action you would like this rule to apply. 

1. If you select Action "Send email notification only"

This means that the system won't make any changes in your account but will send you alerts based on the conditions that you set.

In this case once you select this Action, you will see a field, where you can enter one or several email addresses. You can use commas to separate multiple emails.

2. If you select any other action

If you select any other action that makes a change in the account (for example, pause keywords, change bids, adjust bids or transfer keywords) and would like to get a notification once these rules run along with getting a report to see what changed, you need to tick the box "Notify me via email when conditions of this rule are met".

Once you do that, you will see a field to enter email address / emails addresses.

Where can you check the emails that the reports are sent to

At any time if you wish to change the email addresses, you can simply click on the edit sign and delete, replace or add emails. 

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