A typical case for this is when you add good search terms as keywords or transfer well-performing keywords from discovery ad groups and campaigns to exact ad groups and campaigns as exact match keywords.

When doing this, you usually need to mass change the match type and CPT bids of keywords. For steps to do that, read How to bulk change the match type of keywords?and How to bulk edit CPT bids of keywords?

You can add keywords in bulk to another campaign or ad group from the interface (1) or by using a CSV file (2). The first method will update only the keywords you can see and select on one page - 100 maximum, as 100 lines maximum are available. If you need to update more keywords, you can do that using method 2 (by using a CSV file).

1. Add keywords from the interface (100 keywords maximum)

Go to the keywords level, filter out keywords in a particular campaign or ad group as in the example below.

Click Done to apply the filter.

Select the keywords you would like to change and click Actions. In the drop-down menu, select Add as keywords.

You will see a pop-up. Here you can select where you will add the keywords.

You can:

  • add keywords to the selected ad groups

  • add keywords to all ad groups in the selected campaign

  • click to select ad groups

For example, we would like to add the broad match keywords we have selected to the exact ad group in the generic campaign as exact match keywords.

Once you have selected the ad group or campaign, you will see its name on the screen:

The keywords will be transferred with the default CPT bid set for the ad group you have selected. If you wish to set the bids manually, tick the box.

Then you can change keywords bids individually by in-line editing:

Or click Bulk Edit and select all keywords to change CPT bids in bulk. There are also shortcuts to bulk edit the Match Type of keywords.

After that, click Add keywords.

2. Add keywords using a CSV file

Download the keywords you would like to transfer to another campaign or ad group.

You will see a pop-up message that the report is on the way.

The report will be downloaded through your browser directly. Download and open a CSV file.

Save this file and upload it to your account. Here is how:

  • Go to the campaign or ad group where you would like to add the keywords, click Actions > Upload Keywords

  • Drag and drop or choose a local file and click Next

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