There are four ways to change CPT bids of your keywords in bulk in SearchAdsHQ. The correct way in your case will depend on how many keywords you will apply the change to.

1. Mass change from SearchAdsHQ Dashboard

By checking the keywords you would like to apply the change to. Note that here the change will apply only to the checked keywords.

For example, you would like to change CPT bid for all keywords in Brand campaigns if they bring you more than 1 trial.

In this case at first you filter out these keywords, check them (make sure you see all of them on the screen, if you don't it will be better to use option 3 or 4 in your case).

Go to Quick Edit > Change CPT Bids

Here you can select the action:

  • Set up the bids

  • Increase the bids

  • Decrease the bids

If you select increase or decrease by, you can define the amount or percent. You can also define the upper/lower bid limit.

Click Continue to preview. In the Preview window you will see all Current Values and New Values. You can go back to edit this if needed or click Apply Changes.

2. Changing the CPT bid and the match type of keywords when adding them to a certain ad group or campaign

Go to the keywords level, filter out the keywords in a particular ad group or campaign. Select the keywords you would like to change and click Actions. In the drop-down menu, select Add as keywords.


You will see a pop-up. Here you can select where you will add the keywords.

You can:

  • add keywords to the selected ad groups

  • add keywords to all ad groups in the selected campaign

  • click to select ad groups

For example, we would like to add the broad match keywords we have selected to an exact ad group in the generic campaign as exact match keywords and set higher bids for them.


Once you have selected the ad group or campaign, you will see its name on the screen:


The keywords will be transferred with the default CPT bid set for the ad group you have selected. If you wish to set the bids manually, tick the box. Then click on Bulk edit button to change the CPT bids for keywords you add in bulk.


You will see actions in the top line. On the very left you'll see the number of the keywords you've selected. To select keywords either select them individually by ticking the boxes next to the keywords or select the first box to select all the keywords.


Once you've done this, you will see the menu activate where you can press Edit Bid.


You will see the window where you can set a new bid. After you do that, click Add keywords.


3. Mass change using automatic rules

This will allow applying changes to all keywords in certain Ad Groups or Campaigns. Go to the Ad Group / Campaign level. Select the Ad Groups / Campaigns to change CPT bids in. Click Rules > Keywords.

Select Actions - Change CPT bid. Same way as above you can select Set / Increase by / Decrease by and a certain number or a percent.

In conditions select CPT bid greater than 0. Make sure you select the box with Apply this rule right now.

The rule will change the CPT bids for all the keywords in these ad groups. Once applied, you can delete it or pause it.

4. Mass change using a CSV file

Download the keywords you would like to update. Select respective keywords and click download keywords.

You will see a pop-up message that the report is on the way. If you need the report to be delivered to an email different from your login email, please let us know.

The report will be downloaded to your laptop by default. Download and open a CSV file.

Here delete the keywords you do not plan to change. For those that you will change specify action Update in the left column and change the bids. For example:

Save this file and upload it to your account. Here is how:

  • Click Actions > Upload Keywords

  • Drag and drop or choose a local file and click Next

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