Why are re-engagement campaigns worth trying? A significant portion of app installs are actually re-installs. According to Tune, it’s 42% across the market, however, the percentage can reach as high as 75% for some app categories.

If you’ve decided to show your ads to the users that have already installed your app, go to the ad group audience settings. In the customer type field enable the options “Have downloaded the app” or “Have downloaded the app or my other apps”. With a large volume of installs, this setting allows you to run a re-engagement campaign to:

  • Improve the retention of the users that have already installed your app from Apple Search Ads and, as a result, increase profitability.

  • Protect your brand by running ads with the keywords related to your brand name for users that have installed your app. Otherwise, your competitors are likely to start running this kind of ads. Alternatively, you can set this up in brand campaigns.

How to launch a re-engagement campaign:

  1. Take the lists of keywords from your brand and competitors campaigns and enter them into your re-engagement ad group as exact match keywords.

  2. Set a reasonable budget and a daily cap you’re ready to spend.

  3. Set a reasonable CPT bid, which is usually less than that in exact (brand/competitors/generic) campaigns.

  4. To streamline the management process, do not divide your audience into groups with narrower targeting. It won’t come in useful in this case.

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