In some cases you may want to change the match type of the keywords in a certain ad group or campaign when you decide to reorganize the structure of your account or you've added something by mistake.

It is not possible to delete keywords in Apple and SearchAdsHQ. Also, only some trackers send information about the match type of keywords.

For this reason, currently, it is not possible to change the match type of keywords in the same campaign or ad group in SearchAdsHQ.

The way to go here is to transfer keywords editing their match type to a new ad group and remove the old Ad Group to get rid of the incorrect match type keywords.

Here's how to do this quickly in SearchAdsHQ. Duplicate the Ad Group with incorrect match type keywords.

Select Duplicate Ad Group with settings only.

One the copy is created, _copy will be added to its name.

Now use the instructions in How to bulk change the match type of keywords? to transfer the keywords from the old Ad Group to the newly created one. Make sure to change the match type to the correct one.

Once all keywords are transferred, you need to remove the old Ad Group. Go to your Apple Dashboard, select the enabled ad groups you want to remove. Find the Actions menu (next to the Create Ad Group button), and choose Remove (Read in Apple Help Center).

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