Copying / duplicating Campaigns and Ad Groups can help you quickly create your account structure from scratch and easily apply it to new storefronts or to new apps.

In Apple Search Ads you can duplicate Ad Groups, Keywords and now also Campaigns (one at a time).

In SearchAdsHQ you can duplicate

  • Campaigns to multiple storefronts all at a time

  • Ad Groups

In order to duplicate a campaign, go to Campaigns level and select the campaign by checking the respective box. We'll select a few in the example.

Next, click Actions > Duplicate Selected Items

You will see a pop-up where you will need to select the following:

  • Duplicate settings, ad groups, and keywords (in this case you will duplicate the whole structure including keywords)

  • Duplicate settings and ad groups (in this case you will not duplicate keywords)

  • Select the respective Ad Account (Campaign Group) to copy to.

  • Select storefronts, as many as you wish, - single and multi-storefront.

You can also select Use storefront settings from the original campaigns, if you are just copying the exact same structure (for example there are changes in your ASA account).

Click duplicate and you will see this campaign (or in our case all of our campaigns) with _copy in the end. Click on the name to change it using inline editing

If you click on the name, you will enter the Campaign. In order to change the name it should be inline click a little more to the side of the name.

And just like that you can copy the whole account structure with a few clicks no matter how many campaigns, ad groups, or keywords you have.

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