The App Store Ads support 60 Apple Search Ads storefronts after the latest update. The enhancement of available countries and regions doesn’t only mean wider coverage and more options. It also calls for smarter management approaches to Apple Search Ads.

SearchAdsHQ streamlines work with various Apple Search Ads storefronts thanks to the latest update. Now you can create campaigns with multiple countries and regions, make storefront edits to existing campaigns, duplicate campaigns to different regions, create rules, and filter data based on storefront parameter.

1. Multi-storefront Campaigns

Now you are able to create campaigns with multiple storefronts from your SearchAdsHQ account.


The selection menu for Apple Search Ads storefronts has multiple features, you can:

  • choose the necessary storefronts manually (mind that they are sorted by regions)

  • search for a necessary storefront with the help of a built-in search

  • clear field with the selected Apple Search Ads storefronts

  • select or deselect all countries from a certain region (the system takes into consideration a store name search query if you put it)

  • see all Apple Search Ads storefronts available in a region (the system takes into consideration a store name search query if you put it).

However, you should remember that when it comes to the App Store Ads, multi-storefront campaigns don’t support location refinements. To access location targeting, keep your campaign set to a single Apple Search Ads storefront.

2. Editing Storefronts in Existing Campaigns

You can edit storefront settings of the existing campaigns. Thus, you are able to not only replace one Apple Search Ads storefront with another, but also to turn your single storefront campaigns into multi-storefront ones.

However, mind that if you decide to change a campaign storefront, all location targeting settings of its ad groups will be deleted. This rule is applied to both single- and multi-storefront App Store Ads campaigns.

3. The Ability to Duplicate Campaigns to Multiple Storefronts

You can easily duplicate your campaigns to a few Apple Search Ads storefronts sets at once. It means you can create a few App Store Ads campaigns with different storefront settings in one sitting.

For example, with a few clicks, you can duplicate your most successful campaign settings to:

  • Campaign for the United States and Canada

  • Campaign for Austria, Germany, and Denmark

  • Campaign for Israel, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates

  • Campaign for the United Kingdom


4. Filtering Data by Storefronts

Filters for Apple Search Ads Optimization available in SearchAdsHQ are complemented by the ‘storefronts parameter”. This ‘Storefront’ filter is available on all dashboards covering all Apple Search Ads levels:

— Campaigns

— Ad Groups

— Keywords

— Creative Sets

— Search Terms

SearchAdsHQ users have access to the following filtering options:

  1. Storefront contains any [the list of necessary Apple Search Ads storefronts] – this filter will help you see all objects (e.g. campaigns) which contain at least one storefront you pointed out.

  2. Storefront contains all [the list of necessary Apple Search Ads storefronts] – using this filtering operator you can show only those entries that have specific storefronts. E.g. show all entries that have only “US” and “UK” storefronts.

  3. Storefront excludes all [the list of necessary Apple Search Ads storefronts] – this filter will clear your dashboard from all objects which contain all storefront(s) you pointed out.

  4. Storefront exclude any [the list of necessary Apple Search Ads storefronts] – using this filtering operator you can exclude all entries that have at least one of the specified storefronts. E.g. show all entries that don’t have a “US” storefront.

Let’s consider an example.

Imagine, there are 4 Apple Search Ads campaigns on your dashboard:

  • Campaign А for US, UK, СA;

  • Campaign B for US, CA;

  • Campaign C for CA;

  • Campaign D for the UK.

If you use a filter – Storefront contains any US, CA, the dashboard will display campaigns A, B, and С.

If you use a filter – Storefront excludes all US, CA, the dashboard will display only campaigns C and D.

5. Automated Rules Containing ‘Storefront’ Parameter

In SearchAdsHQ, you can create automated rules using the ‘storefront’ parameter. The conditions of the automated rules are based on the above-mentioned principles of filters (using contain any/exclude all specifications).

All in all, the automated rules is an amazing time-saving feature. SearchAdsHQ can automatically change bids, adjust settings, and pause underperforming keywords to optimize your Apple Search Ads performance.


6. Sorting Dashboard Columns by ‘Storefront’

The data in your SearchAdsHQ dashboard can be sorted by ‘Storefront’ column. The sorting is based on the following principles – all single-storefront campaigns are listed in the alphabetical order. What concerns campaigns with multiple Apple Search Ads storefronts, they are sorted by the campaigns number and shown at the bottom of the list (in case of a-z sort direction).

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