In SearchAdsHQ you can easily create your own metrics and see them on the dashboard to optimize your campaigns more effectively using the feature called Custom Columns.  

You can have full control over the data you want to see and calculate it the way you want to.

With the Custom Columns you can:

  • Create metrics differently according to your business specifics (for example, you count Conversion Rate as Install / Taps, etc.)

  • Create tailored metrics calculated using your own formulas (for example, apply discrepancy index or LAT ON share to calculate true ROAS or true Revenue)

  • Display custom columns on the dashboard to provide more transparency and better analysis

  • See the custom columns data in your reports

  • Add custom columns as conditions in rules

How to create Custom Columns

Step 1. Click on the columns sign above the main dashboard on the right.


  • If you create a Custom Column at the keywords level, it will appear at all keywords levels. It won't appear on campaigns dashboard right away. So mind where you are when you create the columns. Don't worry, you won't have to re-create them. Created once they will be saved - you will just need to pull them out to show them on the respective dashboard.

  • This feature is not available for the Negative Keywords and Search Terms dashboards.

Step 2. Select "Add Custom Column" 

Step 3. Select "Add Custom Column" 

Check what level you are at (Accounts in this example). Select Custom Columns. Scroll down and click "New Custom Column".

Step 4. Create custom column

  • enter your own formula using metrics, numbers; plus, minus, multiplication, division signs, brackets

  • enter column name

  • select column format (value, percent, number)

  • optionally add description

  • click create

The Custom Column with the name you've specified will automatically appear on the right at the end of the list.  You can pull it up to be able to see it where you would like to see it. 

Click Apply. Back to the dashboard - here it is.

How to add Custom Columns to the dashboard

Once created, the Custom Columns are saved in the columns options.

In order to see them on the dashboard follow the two steps below.

Step 1. Go to the respective level. Click on the columns sign, select "Add Custom Column".

Step 2. Go to Custom Columns and tick the Custom Columns you would like to show 

Notice that the 'Conversion from Trial from Subscription' Custom Column we've just created is here as well. You can tick it to start showing it on keywords level. Drag it to the right place. 

Click Apply. Back to the dashboard, here it is.

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