Nobody likes routine work, do they?

Automation rules in SearchAdsHQ let you focus on strategic thinking and high level performance decisions in managing Apple Search Ads campaigns.

However, it is certain that you want to have a full control and transparency over each action that was performed by rules on your behalf.

What are the logs for?

With the logs you can

  1. Track what rules were applied.

  2. Know exactly when and why the rule was applied.

  3. Download detailed reports with the initial value and the change made.

Let's have a look at the logs

Click on the Logs dashboard, and here is what you will find there:

Rule Name

It is displayed the same way it was created but may be changed if needed.

Date Checked 

It shows the date when the rule ran. 


These are the conditions you created to make automatic changes. The Description tells you what action does the rule perform and what conditions you have set. It also specifies where the keywords are located (all keywords, keywords in a particular Ad Group or Campaign).

Number of changes 

No changes – the rule ran without changes.

N successful – number of objects that were changed by the rule (for the action “Send email notification only” we count all the objects that met the conditions).

N errors – number of objects that met the conditions but were not changed due to non-technical errors, such as exceeded daily cap or budget.


Ran successfully – the rule ran without errors.

Ran with errors – the rule ran with non-technical errors, such as exceeded daily cap or budget.

Technical errors – the rule ran with technical errors.

CSV report

You can download a detailed report once the rule is applied.

Note that Reports are not created for the rules that have run without changes.

Logs tricks and hacks

In order to filter the rules by name just click on the rule name or use filter button above the table.

The following filters are available:

  • By Rule Name 

  • By Result 

Why do you see “No changes” for the rules you created?

  • Check the accuracy of your conditions.

  • Check whether the Campaign/Ad Group is paused. If it is paused, the rule will not run for the keywords located in paused Campaigns and Ad Groups.

Also, right from here you can edit the rule by clicking on the pencil sign in the right column:

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